Wedding Cake Pricing

 Wedding Cakes

Chances are you have not shopped for a wedding cake recently or even at all. 
Please be aware that shopping for wedding cakes can not be based on price per serving alone. 
Ask for a serving chart that they base their prices on for comparison. 

Wedding Cakes>>>Important info on my pricing.

My pricing is a per slice price. It is all inclusive. Consult, design and fillings are included in that price.. I do not up-charge for edible lace,  bows, bead borders, monograms etc. (I do still reserve the right to evaluate each order individually, there are some designs that are WAY over the top in details… but with today trends this in not usually the case.) Fillings are included as well as mixing and matching flavors for each tier. The consult is up to 4 people with cake samples…lots of cake to try. If your parents are the ones making the decision on paying for the cake then I’d love to have them here for the experience. 

Wedding cakes are 5.00/slice for butter cream ——– $7.00/slice for fondant. I AM aware that my price per slice may appear more than some others.  Just keep in mind that is everything related to the cake.  If you estimate the number of guests and multiply that by the price per slice that will get you pretty close to the total price. Details can be figured at your appointment. There are options for budget considerations.  Grooms cake are always a fun idea as well. 

Sugar flowers are the only thing I charge separate for. They are a labor of love and are very time consuming. Pricing is about the same as fresh, but they make great keepsakes.

Instead of trying to save the top tier and eating a cake that has been frozen for a year I will make a fresh 6″ cake for your first anniversary. Take the top tier with you on the honeymoon! 

Package options for your consideration: These are not the only options, I just want to show you just how much you can get for a good price. 

Let’s say you need to serve 140 people. 

14 x 10 x 6  —-3-tier cake to serve 120 in buttercream, any design and flavors.  

A grooms cake to serve 40 in fondant (because most grooms cakes are best in fondant… think Footballs, fire helmets etc.)

A sliver or gold cake stand to enhance the cake table.

150 meringue kisses in any color

Delivery within 30 min.  

$1005.00 (+ sales tax, I can’t avoid that, try as I might) 

(100.00 security deposit for my stand that you get back when my stand is returned safe and sound) 


Need to serve 245? 

5 tier cake!! 14 x 12 x 10 x 8 x 6  serves 195

A grooms cake for 50 servings in fondant. 

Silver  or gold cake stand in the larger size. 

250 meringue kisses in your color. 

Delivery within 30 min. 

$1470.00 (+ sales tax, because I have to)

100.00 security deposit for the stand that you get back when it’s returned safe and sound.. 

Notes About Fondant:

If you like the look of fondant but have had bad experiences with it you should consider trying mine. I would be happy to provide you with a sample.  All brands of fondant are not created equal. How it is applied varies greatly also. I ice the cake with a thin layer of butter cream and then add a thin layer of fondant giving the look you desire without the added thickness.

Meringue Kisses and Old Fashioned cream cheese mints.

These are fun little treats that melt in your mouth. They can be made in many colors to match your wedding and several flavors.

Kisses are bite size and cost $25.00/100.

Cream cheese mints are 35.00/100

Cookies and chocolate covered strawberries are also offered. 

Cup Cakes:

I do offer these. See the pull tab on the home page for all the info on cup cakes.