Q & A

Q. What flavors do you offer?
A. Check out the flavor page for options. I offer a large variety. 

Q: How much notice do you require?
A: I can take an order as far out as you want to plan it. Wedding cakes are booked as early as 8 months or more for busy seasons. Other cakes are filled in as often as possible. Because I am a one person shop I will not take on more than I believe I can handle. I would not want to sacrifice quality.

Q. What is your price scale?
A. Mostly the price list on the other page is pretty close to what would be charged. I use an all inclusive pricing. I don’t up charge for parts, fillings, etc. I want couples to be excited about the design process with me and not feel like they need to settle just to save a few bucks.  I will also add that there are some designs that are WAY over the top. I do reserve the right to charge a bit extra for those.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: I don’t generally deliver birthday cakes. Pickups are due in the mornings unless otherwise agreed upon. . All wedding cakes are delivered. Starting rate is 50.00 for about 30 minutes one way….. 100.00 for the airport and Weston mo. 

Q: What if you have an emergency when my cake is due?
A:Life happens, no one can deny it… I do have fellow decorator friends that can step in and cover me in the event that I become sick or injured. We back each other up.

Q: When is payment due for orders? 
A: Wedding cakes and other larger orders have a payment schedule and require a half down retainer.  The balance is due three weeks before the due date. . I offer PayPal as an option for payment and I do take checks. Cash is always good. I am required to collect sales tax. Cancellations will forfeit any retainers

Q: Can you copy my napkin, cards, photos, etc?
A: I do abide by all copyright laws. I will not reproduce any images that are copyrighted. The fines for getting caught are $5,000-$10,000+. In most cases I CAN however use the overall design to create a cake that goes with your theme. Photo edible images have separate requirements.