Pricing (for other cakes)

My price list is a basic starting point for all orders. Most of the cake designs are covered in these cost.

 Size                        Servings           Price range

1/4 sheet               I no longer offer 1/4 sheet cakes or small rounds.

1/2 sheet               I no longer offer half sheet cakes. 

Half sheet
Double stacked……….    32-48…….180.00 
Or Full sheet: flat one layer cake……….   72-96… 180.00

Buttercream iced pricing:

10″ round             35                            $175.00

12″ round             55                           $275.00

 14″ round              75                          $375.00
Buttercream with fondant accents add 10.00 more if there is a lot of extra details in fondant.
Gluten free cakes have a small additional charge.

Signature cakes: 3D dragons, teapots, 3D Football, Basketball etc. $125.00-225.00

8 x 6 round, serves 30              $150.00  for butter cream+extra for toys 
10 x 6 round, serves   45           $225.00 for butter cream +extra for toys.

Fondant cakes may have additional cost. Pricing depends on details. Some Butter cream cakes look great with fondant accents. 

The large guitar cake shown in my photo album will serve 30-40 and is $150.00-225.00 depending on the details,  it requires a lot of time and can be made similar to your guitar excluding any copyrights.

Bucket of beer cake:

12″ (shown) is three layers of cake, serves 60 and is $420.00

10″ (slightly smaller) is three layers of cake, serves 45 and is $315.00

 Tiered Birthday Cakes:

Thanks to the Food Network and Charm City Cakes and other shows like them, the world has been properly exposed to just how fabulous cake can be in design and taste. I love to do the larger birthday cakes and themed cakes.

Unfortunately, I often get calls from clients wanting these cakes that end up  being very disappointed when they hear the price. Did you know Duff’s STARTING price for his cakes is $1000.00? Mine are no where near that but then can get expensive. It takes just as much time and cost of supplies, if not more,  to do a tiered birthday cake as it does to do a wedding cake. 

Notes about fondant:

If you like the look of fondant but have had bad experiences with it you should consider trying mine. I would be happy to provide you with a sample.  All brands of fondant are not created equal. How it is applied varies greatly also. I ice the cake with a thin layer of butter cream and then add a thin layer of fondant giving the look you desire without the added thickness.

Cup cakes:

Basic cup cakes are available for 32.00/ dz.

I make custom cupcakes. These could be fancy with full rose on each one, an animal face, sundae like ones, or special flavors like black forest or German chocolate etc. for $3.50 each with a minimum of 24 with one or two designs.

Prices are subject to change without notice and your order will be specifically priced for your desires.