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Here’s how to get in touch with me:
Please note: I do have an automated response set up. If you do not get that note back right away then something is not connecting. Occasionally mail sent from work places will not go through. I check my mail daily and work hard to not neglect anyone. During busy seasons, Thursday and Friday are production days so there may be a delay. However, please feel free to call. I may be taking a break and can at least answer some questions or schedule your consult. 
I look forward to working with you! 
Telephone: (816) 331-8625
Direct email: 
This is an appointment only facility-no walk in. 
Just in case you forget the address for your appointment it is:
16204 Richmond Ave. Belton Mo. 64012, side entrance by the garage. It is residential. I have a licensed commercial  kitchen in my home. You can view it on Google 360 maps. 🙂 
GPS works great with the address. Do not use Google MAP/BUSINESS LOCATOR, it will take you to the other side of town.
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I will get back with you asap. If you have a moment, feel free to call me 8am-8pm. I answer the phone as often as possible.
If the image you are sending is too large the file may not send,  just use the direct email address.

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